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The Music of Astor Piazzolla
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"...furious and deeply impressive"


" outstanding record" 


"...highest level"


Please contact me for audio- and infomaterial.                                   

Clemens Tiburtius / Tenor

Teacher for Jazz Vocals at the

Liszt School of Music in Weimar.

Fabian Pablo Mueller / Bass Clarinet

Teacher for classical saxophone at the

State Conservatory for Music Feldkirch.

Sonus Mobilis
Songs of Love and Death
Sonus Mobilis

"All is vain“. Vanitas, the idea that everything on this earth is passing and the conflict between human humility and self confidence, old and modern times. It is this field of tension in which SONUS MOBILIS feel and play music from the renaissance to early baroque times. An respectfull approach, yet a modern and innovative conception in terms of sound: the mysterious sound of the bass clarinet and the spheric chords and polyphone lines of the guitar build a ground on which the poet raises his voice. Join SONUS MOBILIS on a journey through europe, with knights, nomades and bardes, poets and romanticists, drunkards and melancholics, from Oswald von Wolkenstein to Orlando di Lasso to the royal court in London to John Dowland and Henry Purcell...

Please contact me for audio- and infomaterial.                                   

Karl Epp and friends


Clemens Tiburtius / Vocals

Karl Epp / Electric Guitar

Bob Minette / Drums

Tillmann Steinhöfel / Double Bass

Karl Epp and Friends
Jazz and more

Classic Entertainment Act. Jazz, Bossa-Nova and Soul Standards performed by professionals. Perfect choice for relaxed diner settings as well as concertant settings.

Please contact me for audio- and infomaterial.                                   

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