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© Guido Werner

My activity as a guitar teacher also includes chambermusic, bandcoaching and music theory. I follow an approach that tries not to make the student fit into a dogmatic methodic or stylistic idea, but to find out as individually as possible, what the needs and preferences of the student are and in which direction the journey will go. The guitar is such an versatile instrument: from the demanding classical guitar repertoire, its role in chamber music to the electric guitar -  it is this stylistic variety that I try to reflect also in the educational situation. Thereby I'm putting a special emphasis on the role of the guitar in song accompaniment, be it acoustic or electric guitar, classical, rock, pop, jazz or singer/songwriter, from simple 4-chord-tunes to elaborate orchestral guitar arrangements...

Funky Honks
Pop-Band der Allegro Musikschule


  Laura Adama Kluge / Voice

Paula Malou Dolinschek / Voice

Johanna Zapfe / Guitar

Mark Hebestreit / Keyboard

Julius Bauer / Drums

Karl Epp / E-Base, Bandcoaching

Funky Honks_bearbeitet.jpg

The Funky Honks are a youngster band project by the Allegro School of Music Weimar / Jena led by Karl Epp. They're playing anything that makes fun and has groove - from Oldies and 60's Rock'n'Roll, songs of the Flower-Power-Mouvement, Funk- and Soulclassics of the Motown Era, discotunes à la Nile Rodgers and Diane Ross to up to date Pop- and R&B Hits. The Funky Honks master a repertoire of over 4h, have their own PA-equipment and are, considering the young age of the musicians, already quite experienced, also on larger stages such as the main stage by Anntenne Thüringen at the Weimarer Zwiebelmarkt, the Altstadtfest Jena or many private occasions.

Please contact me for audio- and infomaterial.

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